Custom made planner


We can create personalized planners, books, cookbooks, photo albums and similar items. Their production is manual throughout all its stages. Cutting and folding of paper, sewing of text blocks, cropping, production of covers including their decoration with various bookbinding techniques, all of these stages are made by hand. We offer the possibility of your personal selection of all the elements of the book. Let us know what kind of cover you want: hard or soft, what material do you want it to be made of (wood, cardboard, leather, parchment, paper). Furthermore, the thread used for sewing of the text block can be in different colors (white, ivory, black, red, green, yellow, blue … or we can dye the thread according to your request). The sewing technique can also be specified. The sky is the limit… The materials we can use to cover the boards are: leather, parchment, velvet, canvas or paper in the colors most similar to the ones you specify.  You can choose the type and color of the headbands, or whether you want a colored or sprinkled book edge? And we can do all that for you.… In this way, you are directly involved in the choice of materials, colors, techniques and formats, and you actively participate in the production of your personalized planner. Within this offer we expect you to state very clear goals that we will strive to achieve for you.
The materials we use are for the most part of conservation quality. Some of them are recycled or upcycled. In the settings part, you can enter all the data regarding your wishes and find out how long it would takes to make the planner and how much it would cost … Also, there is a range of planners made according to our taste and as such offered for sale. 
You can choose from the different models of boxes on offer, but you can also request the creation of a special box according to your idea. Please keep in mind that the production of on demand protective boxes takes time.
In the photo gallery you can see some of the clasps and decorations we make for the books we restore. In case you need a clasp or a metal clutch, peg (pin) or some of the edge decorations, feel free to contact us. In the process of its making, it is important to react in time, because the clasps are made entirely by hand, which is a very demanding, difficult and time consuming job. We can make clasps according to your template, but it requires your design …
The papers used for the equipment of the cover and / or the production of leafs / leafs is being prepared. We offer marbled paper and so-called paste paper. They are produced on the model of the historical originals and some of them are copyright work. In the process of their production, we use the old techniques of paper marbling, and in case of paste paper, we use specially prepared starch with the addition of high quality pigments. 
OTHER (e.g., binding for the needs of the film industry and theater)

(e.g., bindings for the needs of the film industry and theaters): We make replicas of books for the needs of the film industry or theaters. We offer a wide range of different types of bindings, shapes and sizes, and it is up to you to come to our workshop, see what we are doing and choose a binding or something else that fits your needs,