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The website is co-financed under the Operational Program of Competitiveness and Cohesion, from the European Structural and Investment Funds.
Project name: Conservation and restoration services and making of personalized planners
Short description of the project:
Kustoda d.o.o. gather several experts in the field of conservation and restoration of  books and archival materials.
It is a revitalization of historical bookbinding techniques, which are minimized today. Services include conservation and restoration works on books and archival heritage, as well as works of art on paper. They contribute to the preservation of the written and printed cultural heritage, as well as the historical and archival material of the Republic of Croatia. In this way, we strive to popularize manual work and protect it from oblivion. In addition to the above services, Kustoda d.o.o. creates personalized diaries that stand out from the mass and batch production market. The goal is to engage customers in creating personalized diaries through the web store. Creating a website is vital to increasing competitiveness. The purpose is to improve the visibility and accessibility of our services and products.
In order to ensure the strengthening of the market position and increase the competitiveness, we apply quality marketing solutions. With this project we ensured the creation of a website.
Objective and expected result of the project:
The goal is a representative website. The expected result is an increased competitiveness in the EU market.
Total project value: 180.000,00kn
Amount co-financed by the EU: 100.000,00kn
Project implementation period: from 02/14/2019 to 02/13/2022.
Contact person for more information: Morana Barbara Lučić, GSM +385 (0) 99 366 9 366